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  METROL and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


This Site gives you the possibility to explore the METROL research work with a GIS tool in form of the Internet Map Service (ArcIMS by ESRI).
Map based information and data can be assorted by yourself.
Furthermore 3D-models of certain sites and locations can be inspected on the Multimedia /Animation page using virtual reality animation.

The geographical focus lies on the North Sea / the Western Baltic Sea and the Black Sea as well as on compilation of Global Data in general.

Furthermore a literature collection of METROL related publications is provided. Browse in this file (EXCEL©-format) and use the installed autofilters to search for author(s), titles, journals and keywords. METROL members may download files from this collection directly from the Members Area.

This Website is in a dynamic state of constructing and upgrading. Within the remaining project time it will change further.

For us the use of abbreviations facilitates the work of designing legends and maps, creating texts in a given narrow space, etc. but may confuse the reader. Therefore a list of abbreviations used on this site is provided for your information.

The ArcIMS Help will show you the possibilities of this tool and how to handle them.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, ideas, and helpful suggestions for this page as part of the METROL project.

Responsible: ©AWI-Bremerhaven (Prof. Dr. M. Schlüter / Dipl.-Geol. U. Fritsche)